“Dream Crazy” – Nike

Most of us have seen the Colin Kaepernick + Nike ad below:

Uninteresting political controversies aside, the ad is about as epic as it gets. It is inspirational and beautifully done in just about every way. Likewise I can see why it has been so lauded by members of my generation. It perfectly encapsulates our ethos that we’re soooooo special and can do anything we set our minds to: “if people call your dreams crazy, good”, “calling a dream crazy is a compliment”, “so don’t ask if you’re dreams are crazy, ask if they’re crazy enough”. Sounds great. However, as my mom has pointed out time and time again, maybe we should consider the possibility that we’re not that special but rather that we’ve been indoctrinated into thinking that we are and should actually set realistic dreams. It is possible that I have been brainwashed by the marketing executives and trophy companies that convinced my generation that we’re God’s gift to the universe; however, I think I genuinely believe that if we don’t believe we’re special we probably won’t be. So at the risk of maybe being kind of disappointed one day, I think I’m gonna give Nike’s advice a shot.

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