VR-Suited Situations

While there are many experiences that VR should not replace, such as going to a movie theater with friends, I believe there are many experiences that VR is sure to render archaic in the coming years:

Air Travel: The in-flight entertainment system would be far superior as a VR headset.

Netflix Binge Watching: For those of us who solo-binge watch Netflix or other form of television, why not watch in a larger virtual environment in any comfortable position?

Gaming: VR gaming is no doubt soon to be far superior to all other game consoles.

Self-Driving Cars: Once self-driving cars have taken over, what are we going to do in these vehicles? Why not strap on an Oculus and go to town?

Hospitals: people spend a great deal of time alone and bored in hospitals. Solitude+boredom=vr demand.

Prison: ultimate solitude+boredom. Additionally good opportunity for rehabilitative content.

These are just some of the situations in which the addition of a VR headset would not have any negative impacts. For better or for worse, technology has already made time alone more appealing and enjoyable. VR headsets will continue to make this inevitable solo time even better.

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