Headphones at the Gym

I greatly enjoy going to the gym. An interesting phenomenon that has recently emerged is that nearly everyone has headphones in at the gym despite music playing in the background. I have spent some time contemplating whether this is a good thing or a bad thing and have devised the following list of pros and cons:


  • When I feel like detaching from others and focusing solely on my workout, no one bothers me with headphones in
  • Music is greatly enjoyable and the gym is an excellent opportunity to listen to some music
  • If I accidentally fart during sit-ups, it’s no big deal


  • Focus on the workout is slightly diminished (for me)
  • Any social aspect of the gym is eliminated
  • Headphones can get in the way of workout equipment


Whether or not it’s a good or bad thing, headphones at the gym are not going anywhere. Personally, the fart factor is the most important one for me and therefore, I conclude that the ubiquity of headphones at the gym is a GOOD thing.

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