The Juul Epidemic

The problem of people (notably teenagers) becoming heavily addicted to the Juul, a product intended to help smokers quit, is certainly a difficult one. Is the Juul causing more harm or help? This complicated utilitarian calculation is beyond the scope of this posting. Rather this posting is aimed at offering potential solutions to the Juuling epidemic, one that is spreading like wildfire.

  1. Shit-Flavored Juul Pods: if Juul began selling “shit flavored Juul pods”, one puff might be enough to classically condition users to become disgusted at the thought of nicotine. However, this runs into the problem of people becoming addicted to the taste of shit. This is yet another overly complicated utilitarian calculation.
  2. Injectable Juul: There’s no two ways around it, vaping is cool. It’s aesthetic and appealing to middle and high schoolers. However, sticking a needle into oneself is off-putting and disturbing to the typical youngster. If Juul were to make their product injectable instead of vapable, it would be a lot less cool and would actually solely serve the purpose of helping smokers quit. However, it could get people addicted to injecting themselves with nicotine.

These are by no means perfect solutions to this difficult problem. However, if the Juul epidemic continues to expand, they may be worth trying.


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