The ARevolution

The ARevolution is imminent. It feels like the logical next step of technology. The moment Apple releases its Apple Glasses (or whatever AR device it ends up releasing), the world is going to change immensely. A new reality is going to be created, a new dimension, a new universe. Each AR application is going to create an entirely new world, a world in which anything is possible. The only limits to what we will be seeing in these new worlds are the confines of the developers’ imaginations. Here are some examples of what we might see in the early years of the ARevolution.

AR Marketing:

Digital marketing has been one of the major profit drivers of the tech industry as a whole. AR marketing within AR applications will bring a new level of engagement, interactivity, and delivery capacity to advertising. The platform for these advertisements will be the applications running or the lenses themselves. It may even be profitable for certain applications to pay users small amounts of money to have ads running.

AR Concerts:

Think Pepper’s Ghost 2Pac hologram at Coachella 2012. With AR lenses, musical performers could perform anywhere. At clubs today, they often play music videos in the background. If users open an application on their lenses, any room could easily turn into a music festival. The technology to capture artists performing already exists because of advancements in photogrammetry and live asset capture. Expect to be watching AR concerts in the near future.

AR Entertainment:

AR film will be an interesting medium. It is difficult to say what it could contribute that TV’s cannot. However, I think that the fact that they make large, expensive, televisions unnecessary is enough of a plus. Likewise, being able to explore and interact with AR scenes will certainly be cool.



With the advent of the first spatial computer, the Magic Leap One, we are certainly coming closer to the ARRevolution. However, the device is far from reaching the point where it provides a compelling window into the AR metaverse. Plus, the AR metaverse necessitates mass adoption to actualize its full potential. I am unsure of whether or not this is going to be something that Magic Leap is capable of doing, although I truly hope it does. Rather, given the enormous popularity of Apple products, I would not be surprised if Apple were the ones to usher in the ARRevolution. Apple has the ability to consistently popularize existing technologies by packaging them for the everyday consumer. While Magic Leap, Hololens, and other headsets may serve as the pioneers in spatial computing, it will likely rest upon Apple to usher in the Revolution. I estimate that this will take place by 2022.


The Lukas Marvel XR Analogy

I was recently speaking to my mentor, Steve Lukas, about the exciting question of when the XR Revolution is really going to get going and he came up with a fascinating analogy. He said to think of the XR Revolution like the 3 phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first two are pretty great but not nearly as eventful as the third. Phase one covers the past fifty years of innovation in VR. The scale was far smaller and less flushed out but opened people’s minds to the promises of the technology. The second phase began with the release of the Magic Leap One, the first consumer AR headset that showed people exactly what the technology was capable of. We are in the midst of stage 2 and much is going to happen with regards to popularizing the technology and getting the word out. Phase 3 will likely begin around 2023 when Apple finally brings a consumer-grade AR headset to the market. That will be the most prolific world-shattering period of the revolution. I am greatly excited for phase 3; however, as someone who became involved around the end of phase 1 and has had the opportunity to witness and be amaze at phase 2, I hope to be part of the innovations that usher in phase 3 and make it as significant as I believe it’s going to be.


Much speculation regarding the Apple Glasses has taken place since I originally published this post. While some estimates are saying they could come out as early as 2020, I find that highly unlikely. I’m going to default to the estimate provided to me by my friend, Steve: 2023. I have high aspirations in the world of XR. As a result, I am committed to focusing my time, energy, and brainpower to becoming the best content creator in the medium that I can possibly become between now and then.

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