Multiculturalism vs. Shared Humanity


Multiculturalism, the idea that different cultural groups should live amongst each other while maintaining their unique identities, is probably a good thing. Such an idea is incredibly important in our increasingly globalized world. It’s the golden mean between homogeny and cultural conflict. However, is multiculturalism possible? When cultures prioritize their unique identities, they inevitably clash with other cultures. They look out for their own interests and are often times apathetic or even hostile towards the interests of others. It seems that true peace would require cultural groups to prioritize their human identity over that of their specific group. However, such an action causes culture to fade. While this is not necessarily as bad of an outcome as violent intergroup clashes, if it does not result in homogeny, it may lead to ethic cleansing or genocide of non-conforming demographics. For these reasons, I am unsure of whether or not we will ever truly live in a society where peaceful multiculturalism prevails.

A Shared Humanity

The ultimate aspiration (albeit utopian), might be a society in which all of people are united under a ‘shared humanity’ and working towards a common goal. However, this runs into countless problems. What would that shared goal be and how would we know it was the right one? Individualism and multiculturalism would have to take a backseat to our shared humanity. I admit, it would be pretty awesome if all humans overcame their differences and united under their lord and savior, Elon Musk, with the common goals of saving the planet, colonizing other planets, and understanding the universe. If all humans bought into this ideology, the world would be a pretty great place. However, such utopian societies are probably impossible. Humans are selfish and unwilling to subjugate their own wills to that of a singular collective entity. This has been proven by history time and time again. But if Elon Musk were to be named king of the world, I’d probably be down.

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