White Nationalism

Following the recent events in Charlottesville, I believe it is important to understand the perspectives of the two conflicting sides.

The “left” believes that racism is a problematic ideology, that equality requires structural advancement of oppressed peoples, and that there should be limitations on the first amendment in cases of hate speech with the potential to incite violence.

The “alt-right” (white nationalists, KKK, neo-Nazis) are upset that the white race, which for centuries enjoyed a position of systematic superiority in America, are supposedly losing that position in an age of growing multiculturalism and equal opportunity. They are unsure of what is causing such a societal shift so they are blaming Jews, blacks, and other minority groups. Are white nationalists bad people? Not necessarily bad, but certainly entitled. Imagine a little boy on a swing at the park who briefly leaves only to find that another child has usurped it. Does he deserve the swing? Certainly not, but one can understand why he would throw a fit. A better way of describing this demographic is dumb and lazy. Their supposed “inferior societal position” is not going to be fixed by protesting it. Minority groups are succeeding in the United States because they are getting educated and working hard. White nationalists believe that they are automatically entitled to success in the United States, and the fact that they are not automatically getting it shows that the United States is in fact becoming more of a multicultural meritocracy. I personally believe this to be a very good thing, but then again, I wasn’t on the swing to begin with. Are they justified in using violence? Any credibility regarding their defense of the first amendment was invalidated by their use of violence against counter-protestors. This was a major logical error on their part that advances my hypothesis that these individuals are “dumb”.

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