Unreal Metahumans

For those of us in the 3D graphics world, the release of Epic Games’ Metahumans has been super exciting for a lot of reasons. The software indicates a future in which creating realistic humans for game engines is going to continually get easier and easier. Video games are going to be more realistic. Visual effects in movies and television are going to continue to improve. … Continue reading Unreal Metahumans

Western Capitalist Hedonism and Addiction

America is the Mecca of the religion I call Western Capitalist Hedonism. In this religion, consumption and enjoyment are the ultimate good. From the moment we are born we are taught that the “good life” comes from maximizing the amount of pleasure and enjoyment that we can attain. This is in opposition to eastern spiritualty or really any form of spirituality where generally, deriving joy … Continue reading Western Capitalist Hedonism and Addiction

The Gift of Candid Criticism

Something some people find strange about me is how much I love receiving criticism. As someone who is constantly trying to improve himself, candid criticism provides me with greater self-awareness that can result in actionable changes. My lack of pride and my open mind helps me excise the painful element of the criticism I receive and solely see it as a helpful tip to consider. … Continue reading The Gift of Candid Criticism

The Inherent Chaos of Human Existence

I, along with most existentialists, would argue that existence is completely chaotic because of the inevitable presence of uncertainty. So, what are we as humans to do about the inherent chaos of existence? I argue that there are two primary approaches to this chaos. The first is to embrace the chaos and the second is to fight it. So, what do I mean by embracing … Continue reading The Inherent Chaos of Human Existence

Human Need for Play

I recently read that humans have an innate need for playfulness. Working all the time is unsustainable because without time spent playing, or engaging in enjoyable behavior with no ulterior motive, humans cannot function effectively. As someone who spends an inordinate amount of time working, I can attest to the eventual demise of one’s will to work. Eventually, you need time to not be exerting … Continue reading Human Need for Play


People often ask me how I rate movies. To be honest, it’s one of the less formulaic and more arbitrary things that I do. But I think a big determinant of my experience with a film is the strength of its cathartic effect. The concept of catharsis derives from Aristotle’s Poetics and it refers to emotional purification or purgation that takes place as a result … Continue reading Catharsis

“Know Thyself”

Knowing thyself is an extremely important and difficult task. Self-knowledge is necessary for properly navigating reality and understanding one’s place in it. Problems often emerge when one’s self-perception is inconsistent with reality. For example, if one pursues a certain path with inadequate self-knowledge, they may come to realize that was the wrong path for them to take. Their strengths and priorities may lie elsewhere. Understanding … Continue reading “Know Thyself”


            I am proud that I am finally meditating on a consistent basis. It’s been hard for me to do this but thanks to my habit journal, I am finally holding myself accountable for meditation and other good habits. I am finally at the point where I can slow down my heart rate through extremely deep breathing. I basically force myself to snore while I’m … Continue reading Meditation

Unreal Engine for VFX

            One of the industries being transformed more than any other thanks to real-time technology like Unreal Engine is the visual effects industry. Unreal allows for real-time compositing with green screens, projectors, or LED walls. This takes away the need for using Nuke to track the camera after the fact because Unreal can track the movement of the camera in real-time, which is pretty awesome … Continue reading Unreal Engine for VFX