I am proud that I am finally meditating on a consistent basis. It’s been hard for me to do this but thanks to my habit journal, I am finally holding myself accountable for meditation and other good habits. I am finally at the point where I can slow down my heart rate through extremely deep breathing. I basically force myself to snore while I’m … Continue reading Meditation

Unreal Engine for VFX

            One of the industries being transformed more than any other thanks to real-time technology like Unreal Engine is the visual effects industry. Unreal allows for real-time compositing with green screens, projectors, or LED walls. This takes away the need for using Nuke to track the camera after the fact because Unreal can track the movement of the camera in real-time, which is pretty awesome … Continue reading Unreal Engine for VFX

Give and Take of Relationships

            I have spent some time thinking about what makes relationships successful and what makes them fail. The principle of “give and take” is applicable to both romantic and platonic relationships. This may sound sociopathic to some who believe in loyalty to friends under all circumstances, but I hypothesize that healthy relationships require a relatively equal amount of give and take. One should receive about … Continue reading Give and Take of Relationships

Habit Journal

I have realized that one of the biggest differences between effective and ineffective people has to do with habits. Having a lot of good habits and very few bad habits can put someone in a default state of effectiveness. Forming good habits is very challenging but can allow for aspirational behaviors to occur almost automatically and without the need for abundant will power. Because there … Continue reading Habit Journal

Comic Timing

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I’m fascinated by what makes effective comedy. I was recently listening to Joe Rogan’s interview of comedian, Tommy Chong, who explained his belief that the secret of comedy is the pause. Chong explained that the pause, or beat, that takes place before a punchline is necessary because it gives the audience time to formulate what they expect someone … Continue reading Comic Timing

Unreal Engine Cinematic Pipeline

I am very excited to announce that I have finally created my pipeline for creating the content I seek to create (at least for the time being). I want this pipeline to be self-sufficient, meaning that it will not be reliant on any outside software or hardware. I have yet to fully test out this pipeline but we’ll see what happens… Unreal Engine-for assembling sets … Continue reading Unreal Engine Cinematic Pipeline

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey vs. The Tale-Type Index I’m fascinated by the mechanics of good storytelling and have really enjoyed learning about the hero’s journey while reading The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. However, I recently had the opportunity to hear from Tok Thompson, a professor of anthropology at USC. Rather than focusing on Joseph Campbell’s conception of the hero’s journey as the underlying structure that … Continue reading The Hero’s Journey

Greek Life in College

While I was an undergrad at Stanford (Class of 2018), I was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Currently, Stanford administrators are considering disbanding Greek life at the University. Kappa Sigma alumni are being called to advocate for benefits of having Greek life on campus. Although I have no regrets about my college experience and met some of my closest friends through Kappa Sigma, … Continue reading Greek Life in College

Stories vs. Arguments

o   Malcolm Gladwell at recently gave a really good talk at the 2020 Unity for Humanity summit o   In his talk he discussed the difficulty of convincing people of certain things when they have deeply rooted viewpoints o   Arguments and logic don’t really convince people of things, but stories do. This is why stories are so important and could be what we need to depolarize our country. o   Rosa … Continue reading Stories vs. Arguments